Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday Night Fever

There are certain movies (the Kurosawa film Ran for instance, or pretty much anything by Sofia Coppola) where as I'm watching them I can't help but see them, not only as moving pictures, but also in my mind as stills. That is to say many, if not most, of the frames will strike me as potentially beautiful still photographs--compositions that could well stand some scrutiny beyond the fraction of a second we give them. So we watched Saturday Night Fever the other night, which surprisingly I'd never seen--and while I don't necessarily have that feeling about the whole movie, I for sure do have it about the legendary opening credits. (Though I do think you could also make a compelling argument for them as a pretty kick ass music video--indeed, no doubt someone already has). As always it's shockingly difficult to find decent film stills on the interwebs, but here's what I could gather. Notably absent are any of the fantastic close-ups of the paint can, which is a pity.

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