Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Having a Uniform

I've realized recently that I have a work uniform. Everyone I tell this fact to (ok, two people) seems dismayed on my behalf. But I'm excited about it. I love the idea of being old enough to have figured out what clothes work for you and proceeding to rock that, at least somewhat irregardless of trends. I don't mean that I wear the same clothes every day, of course, just that the same shapes recur again and again. The foundation is and always will be bright colors. And these are the pieces:

A full skirt and a cardigan sweater (as seen above),

a blouse of some sort,

solid-colored tights,

a skinny belt,

flat shoes,

and a necklace.

And here's an example of what it looks like when it's all put together. Of course I own dresses and tee-shirts and pants and pull-overs and other things as well, but something along the lines of the above is likely what you'll find me wearing four days out of five, if not more. And it makes me kind of ridiculously happy.

Bottom image photo credit goes to Laura Bagnato.


  1. I love having a uniform, which is ironic because I grew up wearing a school uniform and hated it. I think I able to dress more creatively having basic parameters.

  2. I love your uniform! Wonderful!

  3. I like to think the trend is to do your own thing. I have a new uniform, a dress + a cardigan, and I'm finding it ridiculously comfortable (no tucking and retucking), and suitable for most occasions. In the cold weather I wear two pairs of tights.

  4. Sonya--I wore and HATED a school uniform throughout my childhood too! Funny that. What's yours these days?

  5. Thanks Jennifer! And i just checked out your site which is, indeed, lovely.

  6. Ellen--that sounds like a perfect, and perfectly adorable, uniform to me. Dresses make you feel so put together, while actually often being more comfortable than traditionally less "dressy" clothes.