Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RIP The Curiosity Shoppe

About six years ago a new retail presence came on the scene around here and knocked my socks off. This was back in the days before you could pin an image you were enamored of, so what I did when I first fell in love with The Curiosity Shoppe in the fall of 2006 was save the above image--of, if memory serves, their very first product offering--to a folder I kept of images I liked. And then over the succeeding months and years I proceeded to buy a good many of the items pictured. Always creative and funny and wonderful and creative, alas as of later this month both the web and brick-and-mortar shoppe will be no more. The owners have decided to move on to other endeavors which, whatever they are, no doubt will be amazing. But a large percentage of San Franciscans will from time to time wish they had a colored rock or a household object shaped like something else, and be a little bit saddened that they can go there no more.

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