Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines for Book Lovers

Full disclosure: this blatantly self-promotional post originally appeared in a somewhat different form here.

If you're like me around about this time of year you start scouring the retail world—not for flowers, not for chocolates—but for the Valentine’s Day gift you know your sweetie will really like best: a book. After all, how better to convey affection than with something romantic between two covers? But sometimes finding the right volume can be tricky, which is why I put together this handy gift guide for the blog of the fine publisher for which I work. All books featured herein were published by said publisher and six of the eight were edited by yours truly.

For the unabashedly romantic I suggested one of these love-filled volumes: The Little Book of I Love You, You Are So Loved, Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets, or The Book of Love.

While for the more cerebral gift-recipient I proffered Tender Buttons, Birds & Blooms of the 50 States, Pictorial Webster’s Pocket Dictionary, or Sorted Books.

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