Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Trifecta

I collect images. Oh my do I collect images. They go into folders of artists I want to work with and book ideas I want to make. They get organized by color on my Pinterest page. They get emailed around to my colleagues and friends with little hey-look-at-this-isn't-it-neat-o messages. And the ones that don't quite fit into any of those purposes get filed into a file with the generic title "inspiration"--and it's from that folder that I usually pull out images for the visual side-project blog I do with my father, Silas & Eppie. The point of those images is that they're one-offs, alleged orphans without a larger purpose in my visual life. But sometimes I notice a trend or a theme or a through-line amongst these inspiration images--like in the three here today. I saved them all from entirely disparate sources, but they happened to come one right after another in time, so they sat side by side in the folder, causing me to notice their delightful harmonies of color, tone, and composition. That synchronicity of seemingly unrelated elements is one of my favorite things about life online. Inspiration indeed.

Above, modified vintage food image by Garth and Pierre as seen on Beautiful Decay

Triple Venn diagram by Bud Caddell depicting, I believe, work happiness (which I like in spite of its use of the word "monetize").

Sailing ship dress by Orla Kiely.

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