Monday, April 15, 2013

Wearing Mamma's Hat

Two gets a bad rap. And, one must admit, this is not entirely without reason. Even a children with high proportions of sweetness and light in their natures have their occasional two-year-old moments. It's an age when the forces of will and emotion and desire and life converge in ways that, yes, can be challenging. But there is also a lot to love about the age, I personally think. Bill and I keep wishing someone would write a book from this point of view and call it Toddlers Are Awesome. For instance: with a little baby, you can stick your sunglasses or your hat or whatever on their head and laugh at them, and they'll likely grin back, and that's pretty amusing. But with a toddler, the idea to wear your hat down over their face and then take a walk down the block comes entirely from their own brain, and so the hilarity is much greater. Someone making a joke for your benefit always beating hands down your making one that they just happen to be around for.

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