Thursday, April 25, 2013

Next Installment in the Poem Series on the Subject of the Winter of 2006

February 1, 2006
This morning I was feeling fretful again

Couldn’t stop revolving thoughts of work
and Bill told me to look at something
really carefully
as if I were going to draw it

So I cast my eye
most slowly
along the edges
of the array of greeting cards
in the green bowl in the bedroom
over the small velvet and corduroy owl
just in front of it
and along the top of the blue bookcase
Observing the way all those things line up with
and run parallel to
the various moldings high up on the wall
And I was soothed

There were two men
sitting outside a cafe in the rain
under a scant awning

one looked as if he
didn’t know
or didn’t care
that his far arm
was getting all wet

the other looked as if he knew
all too well
and had for perverse reasons of his own
chosen to martyr himself
And not just this one time
he looked like a man for whom
martyrdom was a regular state of affairs

image source is here

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