Friday, May 31, 2013

A Celebration of Art

I'm excited that today marks my 500th post (and 100th Art Friday post) here on the Cabinet! In honor of this red letter day I'd like to celebrate with a few artworks that have caught my attention and admiration lately. Above, a photo from Ourit Ben-Haim's brilliant series of people reading books on the New York Subway (discovered via Cup of Jo).

Teeny tiny microscopic flower sculptures grown from crystals by Harvard scientist Wim L. Noorduin (via Design Boom).

Historian Suzannah Lipscomb's renderings of what historical figures might look like today (via the Telegraph).

Surreal images by fourteen-year-old photographer Fiddle Oak (via Beautiful Decay).

Radical new food photography by Lux Stockholm (via Trendland).

The paintings of Andrea Kowch (via Sweet Station).

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