Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Poem Series About the Long Ago Winter of 2006 Continues With This Installment

February 6, 2006
Over the weekend

we went with my parents
to see Swan Lake
for my father’s birthday

I have serious doubts
that I can describe
how incredible it was

yes all the dancers
and the sets
and the costumes

and all that good fun
rah rah

But the real thrill
was on
a completely different plane

Papa’s favorite dancer
Yuan Yuan Tan
as Odette and Odeil

simply impossibly good
She makes you want to
throw around words

like Brilliant

Odette with a kind of slow wild joy
always moving
so sinuous it was as if she had no bones

Odeil sharp
crackling and sneering
and always only human

image source is here

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