Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Publishing Lucky Dip

Sometimes the stars just align, you know? Specifically, sometimes a bunch of disparate events converge to remind me how much I like my job; how lucky I am to get to make visual books all day for the fine publisher for which I work. For instance, above, two of my coworkers review proof sheets for a big upcoming Dorothea Lange book I'm working on which is going to be (shameless self-promotion alert:) utterly amazing. I've never met people more engaged in their jobs. Don't they make this kind of work look exciting and fun? That's because it is. The photo is by the book's author Betsy Partridge and originally appeared here.

And then there's this--a caricature of yours truly buying a book from an agent for a fistful of dollars. I really can hardly convey how much I love this drawing. It appeared as part of an incredibly sweet and moving blog post by two of my fantastic authors that tells the story of how their book came to be--starting way back when they first began making creative things all the way up through receiving their first finished copies of Ten Thousand Stories in the mail. Their story is inspiring, informative, endearing, funny, and well worth a read (and I don't only say that because they say some very nice things about me in there).

And last but not least my office is throwing one of our huge and delectable bake-sales today to benefit the Red Cross in Oklahoma. I mean, come on! How great is this? Hardworking folks rallying to bake for a good cause. Delicious treats. Adorable flyer. If you're in the neighborhood be sure to come visit this afternoon, I hear there are going to be a LOT of different kinds of chocolate chip cookies.

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