Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happiness is a New Sewing Box

I'm not a huge (or terribly competent) sewer, but I do very much enjoy the meditative qualities of hand-sewing, not to mention the occasional useful object that might come of it. And I realized that, in recent years, I've been sewing less and less. Now it's always easy to chalk such things up to being a working mother, never having a spare moment, and so forth--and there's no doubt that such matters played their part in the situation. But I realized there was also another culprit: disorganization. All my sewing equipment was strewn across nearly a dozen too-small boxes and jars, the containers in turn spread across several shelves in the closet. Suffice to say simple mending jobs would go undone for months or even years because it was not quick and easy to pull out the needle and thread and few pins needed to do the ten-minute task. So the other weekend I went and bought the glorious great big tackle box pictured above from the aptly named Container Store. Anyone with an organizational bent to their nature will appreciate the joy I took in arraying all my stuff inside (for more things us perfectionists enjoy see here--oh so hilarious and true). And, as of today, not only have I mended I-don't-even-know-how-many items around the house--I have also started toying with the fun new recreational patchwork experiment below. To anyone who might doubt that tidiness can be an inspiring creative force I say: fie!

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