Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Is Happening!

I mentioned a while back that I not only edited but also authored a book that comes out this fall: This is Happening: Life Through the Lens of Instagram. It's a crowd-sourced collection of photos and I have no compunction whatsoever about saying how much I utterly adore it. Though it doesn't go on sale till November (but, shameless plug, it's available for preorder!), we've got finished copies done now and recently sent them out to all the awesome photographers who contributed to the book. And this is where it gets really fun--these lovely folks have now started getting their books and, naturally enough, have started Instagramming them!

Above, a shot by #abbiemred

This one's by #ben_mc_carthy

This one's from #tinafchan

And this last one is my own. I love seeing the variety of images you get when different people all shoot something as simple as the same book cover. And these are just the images of people who have name-checked me in their comments in the last couple of days. I've no doubt there are, and will be, more out there, and I have it in mind to make it a little project to find them all. So if you've taken one send it my way!

Alas, the irony here is that, right when all this Instagram excitement is going on, my own IG account has suddenly become badly broken. Everything looks fine on my end, but it seems my photos have disappeared from others' views entirely.  This makes me very sad. I hope I can get it fixed soon.