Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Book-Buying Zeitgeist in Mexico

One of my favorite things about Mexico City was how, everywhere we turned, we seemed to stumble upon a place to buy books. Indoor/outdoor bookstore cafes with trees growing up through the middle of them, open-air book mercados, lovely bookshops (often with coffee available), multistory book emporiums with escalators, little hole-in-the-wall used book bodegas--if the retail environment is any indication, this is a town of readers. Alas, I only managed to photograph a small fraction of what I saw in this regard. And, perhaps even more alas, I of course could not read or buy the vast majority of books in these places; but in truth that hardly mattered. Just to be amongst these temples of tomes made me happy. Another interesting thing I noticed is that many bookstores seem to organize their volumes by...wait for it...publisher! Which I must admit did warm the heart of this editor.

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