Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Editors in the Great Outdoors with Art and Stripes

The other weekend my three fellow art editors and I took a sculpture tour of the McEvoy Ranch. Much hilarity ensued when we all showed up that morning wearing black and white stripes. Not planned! as we went on to tell the myriad people who asked the question. Great minds just really do think alike.

Marching around the ranch and seeing the artworks set here and there sculpture-garden-style was really cool. Above a perfectly-placed piece by Joel Shapiro

This one was my favorite of all the art we saw that day, an almost achingly beautiful statue by Stephen de Staebler.

We also got to hang out inside this crazy stunning pavilion and taste the olive oil the ranch produces, as well as some of their new wine (rose! yay!). 

This is what the pavilion looked like on the inside. Pretty amazing, right? We went on this jaunt with the idea of inspiring and aerating our little editorial brains with art and sunlight and air and creativity. It worked.

Top photo by helpful fellow tour-group member Sutton Long, second photo by Kate Woodrow, fourth photo by Christina Amini, other photos by me.


  1. At first I thought those lanterns were dripping blood, which was definitely pretty amazing, but totally not cool at all.

    Love the stripes.

  2. Ribbu--i'm really glad i did not go take an art tour someplace where the lanterns drip blood. yes. the stripes were completely ridiculous, but also gleefully happy-making. xo