Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Long-Running Poem Saga About The Winter of 2006 Continues to Unwind

February 16, 2006
Can’t believe I’ve never told

About the piece of artwork
that hangs above my dresser

I see it as I lie in bed
and am continually surprised
at how often I find myself
looking at it
and more than that
seeing it

That’s the thing
about having real art
you really like
in the house I guess

It keeps on giving

I resort to the colored squares
again and again in my mind
sorting and re-sorting them
into different groupings

My favorite assemblage right now
a larger square
like a quilt block
made up of
two pale blue squares
one of them nearly gray
an almost tan square
and a yellow square

art by Jessica Dacher, photo by Benjamin Watson as seen on Little Paper Planes

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