Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We've got a new world order around our house this week--Bill started his new job yesterday (yay!) and I took over the morning preschool run. This in turn necessitates me finding a new route to get myself to my own work once I drop the kiddo off. Having walked from home to office for years and years and years my first impulse was of course to walk, and I found a route on the map that looked intriguing, running, as the last leg of it did, along Mission Creek. And, indeed, it looked pretty awesomely intriguing in person, too, as seen above. Alas, however, it took forever. What was meant to be a half-hour stroll turned into more like an hour-long slog, and I arrived at work sweaty and late. I foresee public transit in my future, which makes me a trifle sad. But nevertheless I do also find it rather exciting to be forging these new paths.

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