Thursday, September 12, 2013

Next Up in the Ongoing Poem Saga About the Winter of 2006

February 21, 2006
Last night when I was walking home

it was super stormy and prematurely dark out
everything dripping and sparkly from the rain

And as I walked under the scaffolding
that’s been over the sidewalk
in front of one certain building
for as long as I’ve been walking home on that street
(which has been a long time)
there were these curtains of sheer black mesh material
streaming out from above like sheets

I don’t think they were supposed to stream out like that
but rather were meant I’d imagine
to be attached at the bottom and had blown loose
and they waved around slowly in the wind like anything
swooping and running with rivulets of rain

It was such a striking sight that
when I got up to the corner
I turned around to look back at it again

And just as I turned around
two street lamps
mounted up side by side on a single poll
which was right in my line of vision
in front of the billowing black sheets
came on
I saw them come on
not with a single click from dark to light like most lamps do
but gradually over a period of maybe a second
coming up like footlights orangey

Made me grin like a fool in the street it was so damn magic looking

image source is here

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