Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Poem Series About the Winter of 2006 Keeps Right On Going Here Today

February 22, 2006
Today I read

on the blog Chocolate and Zucchini
a list of all the things this girl in France
regularly buys at the grocery store

salted butter
apple and chestnut compote
fromage blanc
flour and sugar
butter cookies
chocolate cereal
fresh soups
crisp bread
fresh cow’s cheese
blackcurrant candies

which fascinated not only as a cultural thing
in terms of thinking about how different
food and shopping are in another country

but even more as a magnifying lens
through which to see how something quotidian
like food shopping is unique to every person

So much so that I’m moved to make my own list although
there’s less poetry in an American supermarket than a French one
But still it feels good to pay attention and to document

tall skinny green carton of one percent milk
short squatty purple thing of half and half
six organic brown eggs in a brown cardboard carton
tubs of cream top yogurt (blueberry, peach)
crème friache with a line drawing of a cow on the lid
tillamook medium cheddar
unsalted butter
italian parsley
sliced bread
green leaf lettuce
baby carrots
tomato juice
string cheese
lunch meat
some kind of cookies

image source is here

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