Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bag Contents

The other day I stumbled upon the below photo of the contents of my purse, from one of the very first blog posts I ever did way back in 2011. I decided it might be interesting to recreate it with today's bag. Though the basic contents (change, card case, glasses case, sundries pouch, notebook, book, coin purse holding ipod, key card(s), and wallet) remain virtually unchanged, every single one of those things expect for the wallet has been replaced or upgraded sometime in the past three years. Other things I noticed: the old photo includes a paper calendar whereas my calendar is now entirely digital; it also included a phone because I was taking the picture with a small digital camera I also used to carry everywhere / although my phone is still of course a key component of my bag, it's not in the picture above because it's become my only camera and I was using it to take the photo; key cards have proliferated in my life to the point where they now have their own key chain; I forgot to include my keys in the photo I took all those years ago (pure oversight); I now keep my notebook in an attractive pouch designed by artist Jen Hewitt (too precious?); I still have that little silver thumb drive but it now lives inside the coin purse along side the tiny ipod; both of these photos were taken on the sofa--I now have a new sofa; today's photo is square because it is, of course, an Instagram.

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