Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Years ago I heard of the Japanese practice of Kintsugi--the repairing of broken ceramics with a glue mixed with gold leaf, so that the cracks become the most beautiful thing about the piece, rather than something which at best goes unnoticed or at worst ruin the whole thing--and I was totally fascinated. As a clumsy person with perfectionist tenancies (see here), I've always suspected that nearly everything I need to learn in life might very well be packed inside this particular cultural tradition. But I'd never seen a really good image archive of Kintsugi pieces, until My Modern Met pulled one together the other day. And can I just say? This is every bit as amazing and profound, to my eye, as I'd ever hoped it would be. Both the beauty and the lessons here are so deep that I'm going to just stop writing now and let the objects speak for themselves.

Image sources are here: Humade / Wikipedia / Kinzugii / Tokyobike / Voiceblog

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