Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Astonishing Flax Paper Sale

The other day I went with my father to venerable San Francisco art supply store Flax to shop their unprecedented basement paper sale. As we understand it, this is the first time they've ever opened their subterranean storeroom to the public--where shelf upon shelf of huge beautiful sheets of paper, many of them handmade, awaited us, and every one was selling for the bargain price of a dollar a sheet. Did you catch that? $1! And if you bought 100 or more sheets (which believe you me, we did) then the price went down to 85 cents a sheet. What the heck!? It was a seriously amazing creative shopping wonderland down there. We were kind of loosing our minds, and we weren't the only ones. People were scurrying all over the place, gasping and exclaiming and sharing each new discovery with any random strangers who happened to be nearby, and stacking up sheet after sheet of paper to buy. My papers, so far, remain ensconced in their role-shaped brown paper package--inspiration is percolating in the back of my brain, and when it comes to fruition I will unwrap. But my more diligent parent has been laying out and photographing many of the sheets he bought. I've lifted a few of his photos here--ones he brought home that (if memory serves correctly and I really hope it does) I also brought home as well.

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