Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feeling Cardi

It behooves one to celebrate the little daily inspirations one enjoys, I always think. For me, one such tiny pleasure is cardigan sweaters. Nerdy? Ho-hum? Almost assuredly. But nevertheless I wear one almost every day and they make me inordinately happy. In theory I have them in just about every color there is. My yellow one--more or less the shade shown above--gets worn especially frequently. But looking through my closet the other day I realized I'd somehow developed a hole in my collection when it came to warm colors. No orange, no pink. An omission I lost no time in rectifying. Two new cardigans in those two essential shades should be arriving any day. I favor the Cropped Cashmere Cardigan from British retailer Boden. Usually it has three-quarter length sleeves, but right now they're doing it with long sleeves for Fall, which I'm thinking will make for a welcome variation in the mix. Plus they were on sale when I ordered them (though alas they no longer are right now). Can't wait to rock the pink one especially--the hue of which you can see just below, although I plan to wear it with brighter shades of skirts and tops than this here model is doing.

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