Friday, October 3, 2014

The Museum Report

I went and saw the Matisse from SFMOMA show at the Legion of Honor a while back. It was a small show, but ever since SFMOMA closed down for renovation it makes me delighted to encounter old friends from their collection here and there around town, such as the lovely "The Girl With Green Eyes" seen above. Oh hello there! Then just the other day I went and saw the Modernism from the National Gallery of Art show at the de Young. As is often the case with shows based upon the art collection, and therefore the taste, of a particular person or persons--this one is all works from the Robert and Jane Meyerhoff collection--it did not gel perfectly with my own personal taste. Funny, because as I've discussed here many times before I love mid-century modernist painting, particularly abstract expressionism. But Modern painting is a large enough field that a collector following his/her taste can pick out a whole bunch of artists and pictures which only share a small-to-medium amount of overlap with another person's (in this case my) taste. Actually, I like this fact--both as it reflects upon personal individuality, and as it reflects upon the depth of the pool of this type of art. And there was a truly stunning Agnes Martin painting there to ogle (impossible to reproduce) a nice Albers, one of those mysterious black-and-gray Rothkos, and the below very pleasing Ellsworth Kelly.

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