Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby's Last Polaroid / Baby's First Spray Paint

I called this picture "Baby's last Polaroid / Baby's 1st spray paint" in honor of it being the last weekly photo taken with real Polaroid film, before moving on to the Impossible Project clone film, and it thereby forming something of a pair with Baby's First Polaroid. And "baby" of course at this point is almost purely a joke, since here is a kid big enough to help me repaint the little table that now sits, yellow, in our newly refurbished living room. Only after I wrote on the picture with my trusty indelible sharpie did I remember that actually Mabel had in fact spray-painted once before, in the course of a morning of art projects at her grandfather's house not so long ago. But it was too late. And anyhow "Baby's 2nd spray paint" would hardly have had the same ring about it.

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