Friday, September 2, 2016

Rachel Whiteread

Among the various works of art by various luminaries that I saw at the Gagosian Gallery the other day, my favorite--by a mile--was the above sculpture by Rachel Whiteread (you can learn more about her work here: Artsy, Gagosian, Luhring Augustine). My photo doesn't really do the blocky luminous solidity of this artwork justice. But trust me, it is a thing of beauty. I was dimly familiar with her work (in addition to small pieces like this one she also makes much larger-scale public sculptures and works on paper) but I didn't really have my head around it. Half an hour down the google rabbit hole later, and I have a full-blown art crush on these amazing things: usually colorful, often sitting on shelves, generally casts of humble objects (the negative spaces underneath the bottom of chairs, for instance). They are just magic to me. Hope they will be to you as well.

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