Friday, September 23, 2016

Stumbling Upon Stella

New buildings in San Francisco are required to have a certain amount of public open space. They are also, I have heard, required to spend a certain amount on publicly-visible art. The latest great big corporate building in my work neighborhood has an enormous public atrium with tables and chairs and a cafe. Though I've walked past it many times I only went in for the first time yesterday. And that's when I realized the three very-large-scale artworks hanging in this space are in fact real live bona fide Frank Stella pieces. One of them, just above, not dissimilar to the ones I fell in love with a the big Whitney show last fall (that show, by the way is coming to the de Young this November and I highly recommend it to the Bay Area folks among you) (oh, also, they also have several of these Stella wall constructions in their own room in the new wing at SFMOMA which are well worth a look). Wonders abound.

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