Friday, September 16, 2016

SFMOMA Post 1 of Many

I have probably been to the new SFMOMA 20 or 30 times since it opened in May (and that's with being out of town for the whole month of June). I adore it. Are there problems with it? Yes. One very big one: women artists are massively underrepresented, and one small one: the cafes aren't very good. But nevertheless it is a gorgeous enormous building chock-full of amazing art well worth ogling for hours on end. I have taken hundreds of photos there and, as a result, have been utterly daunted at the thought of trying to craft a blog post about it--I kept picturing one enormous post, the post to end all posts, showing everything I have ever noticed or loved in the whole darn place. But, well, that's insane. Instead I offer you the first post of what I now realize will be a series of a great many SFMOMA posts. Some of my favorite things are in here, but also just some random things that caught my eye. There will be much more on subsequent Art Fridays. For now, there is this.

Above, Bill and Mabel admire an Yves Klein

Richard Serra (you can walk this enormous sculpture like a labyrinth, and it's free of charge)

My dear old friend this Rothko

Travis Collinson

Ursula von Rydingsvard

Lee Krasner

Agnes Martin (detail)

Ruth Asawa

Richard Diebenkorn

John Harding

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