Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Alt Summit

I was in Palm Springs last week for Alt Summit. I'd always wanted to see this legendary conference and I am sure glad I did. The sheer level of creativity, business savvy, and wardrobe inspiration on display was well worth the visit alone. Not to mention checking out the amazing four hotel venues hosting the conference, the outdoor airport, the fashion shows, the lemony drinks by pools with new pals with rainbow nails, and on and on. Best of all, though, was my speaking gig -- an "Expert Desk" where folks presented me with their book pitches and I gave my feedback, speed-dating style. I spoke to 25 women and 1 man in a two hour period, and every single one of them was so well prepared -- their book ideas well thought-out, their elevator pitches honed, their understanding of their audiences precise, their ambitions clearly articulated and ready to rip. I was deeply impressed.

(I also packed the lightest for this trip I've ever packed for a trip in my life: everything for two days and one night in the over-sized purse bag below!)

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