Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Secret Art of Being a Parent - One Week Left!

Ok! This is not a drill! The Secret Art of Being a Parent officially releases out into the world in one week, on April 16th!

That means, if you pre-order it now, it will arrive on your doorstep next Tuesday. Wouldn't that be cool? Or, hey, you could pre-order it and have it sent directly to those expectant parents or new parents in your life who could use a little gift and some encouragement. There's an idea. I like that one.

Pre-orders really do help a book out tremendously throughout its entire lifetime -- they influence the algorithms that in turn influence what pops up in front of our eyeballs online in this futuristic world we find ourselves living in. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who already has or is now going to pre-order this book. It means a lot.

Below I'm including a whole bunch of links to a whole bunch of places you can pre-order. And, below that, I'm also including your very first sneak-peeks of the book's interior pages. Get excited!

Chronicle Books:


Barnes and Noble:



Green Apple:

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