Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Palm Springs: The Door Tour

I was in Palm Springs for Alt Summit (which was pretty amazing and which I'll talk more about tomorrow on Publishing Wednesday) for just two days. The first day, going around -- driving in a cab from the airport, and in the shuttle bus that takes you between conference venues -- I found myself wondering where all the fabulous Mid-Century Modern architecture was? This is what you hear about all the time in reference to this town, right? And yet, what I was seeing on the main drags looked more like suburban Arizona. Huh. Well, turns out you have to get into the residential neighborhoods to find the good stuff. And one easy way to do this is something called the Door Tour -- a self-guided walking tour you can take with the help of the map linked above. Turns out many of the best houses in this one particular neighborhood all have these colorful painted front doors, and by walking from one to the next you get to see the whole architectural scene. Cool!

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