Friday, October 18, 2019

Ed Clark at Hauser & Wirth

I was, as I no doubt made clear last week, at Hauser & Wirth in New York entirely to see the Amy Sherald show. However, it turned out that what was on the first floor, while Sherald was on the second, was very much worth my time as well. Indeed, Ed Clark's abstract paintings fit just about as perfectly as anything into the abstract-painting pleasure receptors in my brain. I know no other way to describe it, honestly. When I see paintings that do it for me (most of Rothko, practically all of Frankenthaler, a great deal of Motherwell, a select few de Koonings, about half of Mitchell, a big chunk of Richter, and on and on) things just click into place in some essential way inside me. And everything glows. See if by chance these might do the same for you?

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