Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Philadelphia, it turns out, is an exceptionally pretty city. I spent the day there -- bracketed by early-morning and late-night Amtrak rides from Manhattan. I spoke to students at University of the Arts in the morning, and had dinner with some author and artist friends in the evening, but all afternoon I just wandered. Drifting past the big historical stuff, down narrow cobblestone streets, in and out of stores and coffee shops. It was drizzly and gray but no less delightfully dreamy looking for all of that. It's funny to think that New York must once have looked like this, full of colonial buildings -- just Philly kept a lot of theirs and nyc did not. As a person who did not leave the state of California until she was a teenager, it is always exciting and gratifying for me to get to set foot on the ground of a new town I've never been to before -- to try, even just in a day, to pick up a bit of its vibe. This one was no exception. Thanks for having me, Philly!

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