Tuesday, October 29, 2019

My Talk for Creative Mornings

My talk at last week's Creative Mornings was an almost deliriously wonderful experience. A huge engaged crowd; and I remembered everything I wanted to say; and they laughed at my jokes and seemed to like my offbeat hand-drawn slides -- not to mention the people (all volunteers!) who run the SF Creative Mornings chapter were some of the loveliest, kindest folks you're ever going to meet. I had a ball. And can we just talk for a moment more about how amazing the whole Creative Mornings concept is? You get a free talk, free coffee breakfast, and are done by around 9:30, in time to head into work maybe only a smidgen late. So good! Eventually there will be a video online of the whole thing, plus professional photographs, but for now I must rely on the kindness of strangers -- the photos folks in the crowd took and posted on their Instagram stories. So the format is funky, and some of the pictures are not, as we say, the most "flattering" -- but they capture the joy of the moment and, remember? We gave up on the concept of "flattering" months ago.

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