Thursday, June 14, 2012

The End is Now in Sight for the Ongoing Poem Series About the Fall of 2005

November 28, 2005
The roasting pan

Bill and I had been saying
maybe we should buy a roasting pan to cook a turkey for Christmas
(only drawback to amazing turkey dinner at Negri’s on Thursday was
no leftovers
Fortunately, Jen and Tom shared their
turkey sandwiches on soft bread with cranberry and lots of mayo
with us on Friday)
but Mama said no
don’t yet
she’d ask the aunties

So when we went back there on Saturday to trim the tree
she had obtained from Ellie and Be-Ba what is possibly
the most beautiful roasting pan in the universe
beat-up speckley sky blue enamel
oval shaped and straight sided
with a lid almost identical in shape and size to the pan
Gorgeous in that way that only kicked around old stuff can be
Yesterday I made a home for it on top of the cabinet in the kitchen
where it shines forth in all its mellow patina-ed glory

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