Friday, May 29, 2015

Art in LA: The Rest of It

Markus Bacher
Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

I had three more Art in LA blog posts in mind, but I'm about to leave town again and look at a whole bunch of new art in a new place, and will want to tell you all about that when I return, and so to clear the decks we roll all the remaining Los Angels art-looking into a single massive post right here, right now! Go!

Part One, which starts with the above image, is the rest of the Culver City Galleries (I talked about a few before here):

 Tam Van Tran
Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

 Maria E. PiƱeres
Walter Maciel Gallery

 Ed Templeton
Roberts & Tilton

 David Maisel
Mark Moore Gallery

Max Maslansky
Honor Fraser

Part Two--the contemporary shows at the Hammer Museum (old stuff that I liked from there is here):

Heatherwick Studio

Lily van der Stokker

Jim Hodges

Charles Gaines

Pedro Reyes

From “Apparitions”
show on rubbings from 1860-2015

Part Three--West Hollywood galleries:

Taschen Gallery
(who knew such a thing existed?)
Michael Goldberg
Manny Silverman Gallery

Raymond Pettibon
Regen Projects
Michael Sagato
De Re Gallery
Steve Shapiro, Selma, 1965
Fahey/Klein Gallery

Howang Tran
Gallery 1988

Mariah Robertson
M + B

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