Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Poem Series About the Summer of 2006 Carries On This Way

June 13, 2006
Last night we made hardboiled egg curry

and as I went to chop up
the bright green cilantro
I noticed as I almost always do
the tiny nick at the very far back edge
of the handle of the small chef’s knife
a very little nick
but when you chop
you feel it in the heel of your hand
princess-and-the-pea style
This knife is relatively new
it was a wedding gift
and the nick must have happened almost right away
as it’s an integral part of
my physical memory
of using it on any given occasion
The small size of this knife is just right for my hands
and even Bill always uses it now
rather than the big old chef’s knife we had before
which anyway is dull
and now seems huge in comparison

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