Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Overnight Getaway

Over the weekend Bill and I went on a little one-night sleepover to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. Though I must admit that, at first, when he came up with the idea of staying at the Waterfront Hotel in Jack London Square in Oakland, I was somewhat dismissive of the idea--I mean, ok a) Oakland? and b) isn't Jack London Square basically a mall? But he won me over and, in fact, it turned out to be quite fabulous. We took the ferry there, checked into the adorably nautical themed hotel, went to the movies, ate fancy old fashioned seafood overlooking the boats and the water, lounged around drinking coffee the next morning, and then took the ferry back. Even though we were less than half an hour away, and certainly not in an exotic location at all, it was quite different from our normal stomping grounds, and I often think it's that difference, really, that does the magic thing that travel does--simultaneously waking you up to your surroundings and soothing you into a relaxed state. I'm proud to say that I was having such a pleasant time actually experiencing this little jaunt that I did not take a ton of pictures of it, but here is a glimpse.

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