Thursday, May 28, 2015

Next Up in the Continuing Poem Series About the Summer of 2006

June 16, 2006
All week we’ve been having

those simultaneously beautiful
and mildly painful
blinding mornings of sun
shining straight down the street
at my face as I walk to work
but this morning was the first time
that it was also quite warm as well

It really is so bright as to be a bit agonizing
but also beautiful and buoying enough
to make me not want to cross over the street
to the shady side though of course I easily could

It’s funny because
somehow last night
my conversation with Bill
drifted for a minute
into the topic of deconstruction
and I was talking about how
direct experience is really real
it’s only the words we use to describe it
that are a web of faulty systems
and people seem to forget that side of it
And the example I used was that the sun on my face is real
its only when I try and say what it feels like that the unreality sets in

Little did I know
I would feel the sun on my face
the very next morning
and try and describe it
this very afternoon

it makes you happy

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