Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Week Three

The third week of Inktober was the hardest so far. For me it's not making the time to do it that's the struggle (I do relatively simple drawings so they don't take huge amounts of time). Rather, I have this desire to push myself -- to draw challenging things I've never drawn before, to try various techniques of inking I don't normally play with -- and balancing that with the desire to make a drawing I'm actually at least somewhat happy with at the end is tricky. But, anywhere, here's where we ended up this week:

Day 15: Weak -- that mistake where you try to tape two pieces of paper together

Day 16: Angular -- my glasses

Day 17: Swollen -- Ace bandage box (because I love drawing packaging)

Day 18: Bottle -- milk rather than wine or baby

Day 19: Scorched -- this is my fave of the week

Day 20: Breakable -- this was the hardest (many failed attempts before this one)

Day 21: Drain -- the one in my kitchen sink

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