Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another in the Long-Running Series of Poems Which Take for Their Subject The Fall of 2005

November 3, 2005
Scattered today

Great sunset last night down the end of Post Street
Weighty somehow
sitting there in its narrow transom between the buildings
vibrating pink with some bits near the bottom
a bright dark orange
and a smoky lavender band at the top
the whole thing under a dark glowering sky
and all happening way out over the ocean

I’ve been looking a lot at people
laughing hot dog cart girl
guy in suit and running shoes
woman with big serious hair
on and on
so many
they make me feel good
there’s a rumor that I don’t like people
but I love people

Made the corn chowder last night
that involves pouring bourbon over a pile of corn in a big pot
and lighting it on fire
The flames a pure clear purple
a little frightening
worth seeing

Here’s what I’ve noticed about
sleeping in the same bed
with someone whose insomnia has started waking him up
at three in the morning
It’s moderately disturbing
because you feel bad for him every  time
but not as hard on your tender self as you might think

image source is here

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