Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Joy of Meetings

One of the best things about my job (and, I'll admit it, there are a lot of good things) is the chance to meet all kinds of interesting and exciting creative people. Just recently I've been lucky enough to get to sit down and chat with maker of handmade books Rachel Hazell (above),

Illustrator and children's book author Amy Martin,

 Interdisciplinary artist Nina Katchadourian,

Crafter and collage artist Anna Corba,

and writer and maker of beautiful envelops Alyson Kuhn.

Of course, during the same period, I got to chat with lots and lots more cool and creative people over email and the telephone, but there really is something to be said for the joys of sitting down across from another person, preferably over a cup of coffee, and talking face to face. Affinities that might take weeks or months of virtual conversation to emerge can make themselves felt within a couple of minutes. Not to mention the profound satisfaction, later on, of being able to put a face with the name when you do type that name into the "from" field in Outlook.

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