Friday, February 3, 2012

Return to First Thursday

I hadn't been downtown to do the First Thursday gallery circuit at 49 Geary for a while. Which was actually awesome, because it meant that last night my eyeballs were all fresh and rested, and ready to take in some very awesome things. Above Kota Ezawa at Haines Gallery.

Taha Belal, also at Haines

Shai Kremer at Robert Koch

Sarah Walker at Gregory Lind

Dana Hart-Stone at Brian Gross

Hiroshi Sugimoto at Fraenkel Gallery

Brian Dettmer at Toomey Tourell

collaborations between Caleb Duarte and Xun Gallo at Jack Fischer 

Peter Steinhauer at Cordon Potts

Mary Ellen Bartly, also at Cordon Potts

Todd Hido at Stephen Wirtz

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