Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work Bookshelf

A kind coworker helped me clean up the disaster that was my work bookshelf yesterday, and now you see it here in all its tidy glory. The middle shelf holds copies of some of my own recent books. The top and bottom shelves hold books from other publishers (tall ones on the top shelf, short ones on the bottom); both what we refer to as "outside comps" (ie, books which either directly or indirectly compete with what we're doing, and which therefore it behooves us to be aware of), and also just books I love and find inspiring on a more general level. Art objects pictured here include a little triangle print by Mike Perry, a limited edition artist's puzzle in a canister from Isabel Samaras, a pair of thong underwear in a clear plastic box with a three-dimensional bird that lights up and plays music sitting in a nest of purple marabou feathers on the crotch (a relic from the time I worked on this book), a small wooden sculpture that spells out "I Will" sent to me by an anonymous artist, and a poster from Kate Spade's Fall 2011 collection.

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