Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Art Show

Two things happened this week: Mabel grasped the concept of big and little (she can't say the word "little" so instead she says "baby"--she talks nonstop about big dogs and baby dogs, big toes and baby toes, big shoes and baby shoes), and her father bought her a set of markers. The result is the collaborative art project pictured above. To make these pictures Mabel would pick the colors and instruct her daddy where on the page to draw big balls and baby balls, and then of course she'd draw on the pages herself, as well.

So the other evening she and I decided to have a little art show of their work. I am utterly enamored of these images, and so is she--she spent a long time explaining to me where all the big balls and baby balls are in each one. The first image, below, also contains some writing of a very special word and, since we frequently sing her a little song where we spell out her name, she's determined that she now knows how to spell her name "A B A!" she crows when she points to the name on the page.

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