Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girl Crush San Francisco

Over the weekend I had the honor of attending the first workshop in the Girl Crush Tea Party series, organized by the fabulous Danielle Krysa--known to the world as The Jealous Curator--and hosted in the studio of fave artist Lisa Congdon.

Danielle has just posted an amazing recap over on her site, with photos by the very talented Taylor Rae, which, I must say, puts the efforts you are about to see here to shame. But, what the heck--the workshop was an all day chat/think/eat fest about creativity and making it happen, so in honor of that I'll go ahead and slap my very own photos up here (tempted as I am to just lift Taylor's!).

The women who attended this thing were really fantastic. I'm sure I'm missing some links here, but I want to be sure to draw your attention to the sites of Maggie, Staci, Cariann, Kelli, and Tiffanie.

One of the many great things in the day (besides the food!) was the chance to spend some quality time in Lisa's amazing studio. She's filled her space with inspirational objects so the place is just a joy to hang out and look around in. 

Also, did I mention there were gift bags? Really good gift bags.

After a morning of conversation we went out for a little gallery walk. 

Hitting Guerrero Gallery,

then walking down the sidewalk (where I found the above stencil) to Southern Exposure,

and then on to Gallery Hijinks

Below, Lisa chats about the work of artist Matthew Craven.

And here's a piece I really liked by Stephen Scott Smith:

And we got to have a little gallery talk with Hijinks owner Jillian Mackintosh, as well, in front of the gorgeously painted walls of their current show--

Then it was back to the studio for cookies (note how the culinary geniuses at Batter Bakery color coordinated their sprinkles with Lisa's love of hot pink?),

and the tea party portion of the tea party.

All in all a wonderful day which I'd for sure recommend to ladies in the other cities Danielle is bringing it to.

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