Monday, March 26, 2012


Here is Mabel enjoying the double slide at the playground with one of her best baby pals. Granted, she has only met the child in question a couple of times. But since these two babies' mothers are bicoastal bff's, we feel confident the girls will come to love one another in time. Indeed, when this baby's mother and I graduated from high school, my outrageously generous godparents sent us on a trip to Hawaii--all on our own! It was basically the best thing ever. And we have determined that, when that momentous milestone rolls around for our own daughters, we will send them off to Hawaii together as well. Perhaps they will be great friends and pen pals (or, rather, futuristic robotic video phone pals) by then, or perhaps they will be more like "Mom, why are you sending me across the ocean with this random girl?" But either which way we are sure they will have a grand time in the end.  

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