Thursday, March 22, 2012

Poetry Thursday: The Next In the Ongoing Cycle of Poems About the Fall of 2005

November 14, 2005
Somehow Friday night we decided to walk to a gathering across town

It was a very long walk
and took more than an hour
It was very good just to walk along talking in the dark
Looking at the buildings
after dark you notice the shapes and the textures
rather than color of the paint

Saturday morning was my favorite thing the farmer’s market
We got there extra early and lingered long enough
to have not only our usual breakfast pastry and coffee
but a midmorning snack of macarons and hot chocolate
which was as nearly as we could tell just pure melted chocolate
and reminded us of a snack we once had in Paris

Between those two instances of sitting on the big wooden logs and eating food
we made our rounds of the market with crackly crisp feel in the air
buying creamy paneer and fig bread
artichokes, lettuce, apples
forget-me-nots that are now in the blue jug in the hall
red delphiniums and yellow freesias for the brown jar on the dining table

Sunday we went out to breakfast as Café de la Presse
more thoughts of Paris brought on by the zinc bar there
We sat at a tiny marble table under a potted palm
read the newspaper
and watched the world bustle
drinking coffee with two hands wrapped around our big white bowls

That afternoon I went to El Cerrito to plant bulbs
in new wide shallow terra cotta pots
I loved the way they looked just filled up with new black dirt
and sitting in a row
there’s something very pleasing about potting soil
The wet blackness of it and the deep earthy smell

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