Friday, May 23, 2014

Art Market San Francisco

Last week I went to Art Market San Fransisco, which is our big main art fair of the year in this here town these days. I was really impressed with the range and quality of the art I saw on view. Good job art fair people! This is just the tiniest smattering of some of the things I most liked--another post may be forthcoming on another Art Friday. Above, work by the ever-wonderful Susan O'Malley.

Virtuosic portraiture (that hair!) by Jennifer Nehrhass

Two big paintings displayed in a 3D installation by Brett Amory, depicting with almost eerie accuracy the legendary Bob's Donuts on Polk Street (there was no signage to tell you this fact, either you knew it or you didn't).

Meg Hitchcock (detail of a much larger text collage)

Photo realist painting (yes! painting!) by Linden Frederick

Painting of the denuded design-language of an old Penguin book cover by Maria Park

Oh-so-pleasing color and shape compositions by Amy Ellingson

The always-witty Dave Eggers

Photograph by Cig Harvey, someone whose work has been on my radar for a while and continually delights and surprises.

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