Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In the New York Book Shops

On the subject of publishing, here are sneak peeks from just a few of the bookstores, museum shops, stationery stores, and boutiques I visited in New York last week--with a couple of artists' studios and a very well attended book event thrown in just for fun. Attentive viewers will note many of the books I have edited for Chronicle Books over the years in these photos. Even more attentive viewers will note midway down what I discovered: that in a properly alphabetized photography section my book This is Happening falls next to the works of the luminous Mr. Martin Parr. Which, just, whoa.


  1. martin parr rubs off, you know. oops, that sounds rude. mean it well. i leafed through a parr in the library just yesterday and for the life of me? i didn't take him home. probably next time. n♥