Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Reverse Fantasy

Do you ever have reverse fantasies? I mean, instead of imagining what you would do if something good, like winning the lottery, happened to you, you imagine what you would do if something bad, like loosing your job, were to occur? It sounds odd, I realize, but it's actually strangely satisfying. Though I always have a hard time envisioning what on earth I would do if I wasn't an art book editor for Chronicle Books, in general my go-to unemployment fantasy has been of seeking entry-level work in a bakery. That is until two things happened recently. One, I came across Greg Briggs' quite beautiful photos of museum cleaners on My Modern Met (the image above, and more if you scroll further down this post). Two: I went and volunteered at Mabel's preschool on Chronicle's annual Volunteer Day--and they put me to work organizing the mess you see just below. How I resolved it is in the next photo down. And it was so very satisfying to do it. So now I can add nighttime museum cleaning person and professional organizer (yes, that's a real thing! I googled it!) to menial baker's assistant on my list of out-of-work-fantasy jobs.

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